you know how dating is different when you are older and over 50 years. When searching for a partner, seniors face all kinds of difficulties: often divorced or widowed, they are looking especially for serious and lasting relationships. However, often installed in a well-established routine, it is more difficult to meet new people. Friends and colleagues are already in couple and opportunities to meet new people is therefore rarer.

Fortunately, the advent of new technology provides a solution perfectly suited: dating sites! With little knowledge of using the Internet, Meeting Singles is now just a click away. From home, seniors can create a profile and start on a serious research partner. Because ultimately the pleasure of being together is timeless

ourtime.com senior dating website

OurTime a serious dating site for seniors over 50.

OurTime dating helps you encounter serious singles of 50 years or more to build a beautiful friendship and make a long lasting relationship.
Find love among seniors or making friends is not always easy as shyness or limits that is required does not necessarily fade with age.

This site is dedicated to really sincere and serious dating based on verified profiles and media easy to use: Forum, chat, messaging.

Today, the meeting of seniors on the Internet, on a secure site where you can choose to answer or not that suits you according to your own criteria. Far from being a simple senior dating site.

Our Time is a place to break your loneliness

where 50 and older can come just chatting about everything and nothing, without commitment, and meet whenever they want.


Our Time Dating is a site for seniors, retirees, singles 50 and over.

OurTime aims to help seniors who may have difficulty making new friendly or romantic encounters.

Our dating site, at attractive design is deliberately simple to access and use so that any senior only has to focus on the ultimate goal of his research: the encounter.

Today OurTime has thousands of members and every day new profiles appear. A large majority of women use OurTime and many of our members are from the tertiary and professional. Seniors 55-65 years are very present on our site.

On our dating site, seniors have access to the most innovative technologies in order to make the best match possible. This is undoubtedly the detailed research that the most successful today. This service allows you to select those that suit you according to specific criteria. Indeed, one of the main goals in the encounter of seniors is to share common values. Members will therefore seek freely contacts as practiced hobbies, shared passions, the desired feelings.

Our dating site wants to help its members in their research is
why OurTime constantly considering new services to satisfy members increasingly demanding to facilitate more targeted meetings.

ourtime senior singles

Find your partner or make new friends:

Come and find your partner or new friends to share your leisure together. Over 280,000 members meet regularly within the 50 plus club in order to seek a partner, find new friends, share interests and hobbies.

Partner search for senior singles over 50:

The partner search for senior is very simple. After your free registration, you will have access to thousands of profiles of people aged 50 and older. The advanced search allows you to quickly find the profile that corresponds to your expectations. Your profile is immediately available online.

How To Use OurTime Dating to meet new people:

After your free registration, you can immediately pick up a friend in your town. Search and find nice people and over 50 years in your region and enter immediately in contact with people who share your interests.

Forum, chat and magazine
Besides the research partner and friendship, you will find many other functions, including a forum for seniors, a cat and a magazine. Share your impressions on topics such as life, love, leisure, health, news and society.

Regional and Thematic Groups
Some of our members organize regular meetings through regional and thematic groups to share ideas outside of the internet and to get acquainted. If you want to do the same, simply joining one of these groups and you can quickly and simply

Meet new people in real life!
Many profiles of singles over 50 years await you.
Not convinced yet? Take your time to explore our website and also read our testimonials. After your free registration, other search criteria are available to allow you to easily find your soul mate among our thousands of singles.

Senior Dating


Our site is one of the best known and has a database of several thousand members. Our main objective is to link seniors so they could talk, make new friends, or fall in love …

If you have more than 50 years and want to meet new people, sign up in a few clicks and create your profile. It’s easy, fast and secure ! You will have access to the site and may be able to find the gem …

Meeting between senior singles:

Senior citizens have become addicts of online dating sites. Indeed, they are attracted to meetings that are in place without they move. Because of their age, they no longer have the strength to travel for any meetings so they preferred to seek a soul mate on the internet at home.

The first advantage of dating sites is the fact away to people contact. They have the choice between hundreds of profiles that fit on one site. This is how seniors can easily find a partner because they only have to select people who could meet their expectations. Furthermore, the meeting allows seniors to admire the people chosen by More »

Senior singles often have specific requirements for meetings and relationships. They do not want to waste time and mostly falling on false plans that do not interest them. Fortunately, there is a site that will allow them to serious real in just a few mouse clicks. Ensuring their safety, well-being and by becoming a duty to respond to their expectations, serious dating site is a reference in the sector.

This serious dating site for Seniors is very easy to use to enable all older people can find their soul mate in the best conditions. It just enough for them to read more »

Who does not dream to find love, to live happily like a fairy tale. But finding shoes on his feet, is it an easy thing. Let’s be realistic, love does not grow on trees, and sometimes it is illusory and elusive. But often there is love right before our eyes, but it is we who do not know where to eyes.

As said the diction, “the more crazy, the merrier,” meaning that the company can bring you only good. Meet friends, and share knowledge, to communicate, to trust each other can Read More »
More and more couples are formed on serious dating sites

Dating sites have proliferated on the Internet in recent years and hundreds of thousands of people in France and in the world today have an account on a dating site. However, all sites are not created equal, and many people were disappointed after searching for a partner on a commercial site. Women are the first to admit their disappointment online dating, which have not led to a satisfactory relationship.

But recent studies show that more and more couples are formed following a meeting over the internet, when the latter was carried out on a serious dating site. Taking into account the real needs of the person registered Read more »

Choose OurTime dating site to find a serious partner:

A chat site remain an excellent tool to make serious knowledge on the web, be careful anyway the offer is huge for you to find one that you think is the most serious.

After a very quick and often free registration, you will have access to the profiles of the members of the platform and thus draw towards those that hold your attention and then communicate via chat and to get acquainted.

Chat sites are numerous, you can choose the one that sticks with most to your aspirations, whether physical, religious, generational, you will find Read more »
How to go about finding friends on the internet?

Currently, the Internet is becoming a major tool of everyday life. The majority of the population uses the Internet to make purchases or open a bank account. It is the same for socializing and having friends. Indeed, find friends can be done remotely using dating sites that offer several ways to know people.

The dating site for your needs

The dating website offers a variety of types of relationships. Indeed, you can search for your soulmate or just make friends. Simply contact the person who attracts you and start the conversation with a cat.

Single forever, divorced or widowed, many do not dare to go to meet other singles, often under the pretext that it is not their age: love has no age yet. Moreover, according to a study , married life can age in better health and live longer.

OurTime Online Dating Site for Singles Over 50

Older resemble less and less to the image completely wrong now that lent them. Today, they are active and do not hesitate to do everything possible to get out of their loneliness, even a routine they have the means to break, unlike the “active population”. They also wish to make a serious encounter. Many cities, clubs and associations offer to senior meetings. In addition to participating in activities and outings, it’s a great way to meet new people, broaden your social circle and maybe meet other singles with whom you share affinities!
Senior Dating online

Another solution, which also offers all those who wish to meet new people, is to sign up to an online dating site. Specialized sites in religious meetings, bringing together those people sharing the same passion, through the websites dedicated to senior dating … The offer is such that you will easily find the site that meets your expectations and your needs.

These platforms will give the opportunity to be put in relation to men or only women you meet, safely and above all safely on serious sites.